2012 Jewelry?

Posted on January 8, 2013



Following a project that attempted to deconstruct the confines of jewelry so as to better understand the meanings of the word jewelry and the categories that qualify it, what is the meaning of craftsmanship? traditional? contemporary? What is a brooch or neckpiece? I have always felt imprisoned by these words: how their intended meaning can change dependent on the context. A piece can hold a variety of meanings at any given time and thus a piece can not own any single meaning. When meaning becomes arbitrary and the descriptions of words and words themselves are in rapid change then what is left?

My current work explores this research into testing the boundaries of the term jewelry by attempting to separate myself from traditional materials and practices. To construct clarity in the absence of normal boundaries. Simply starting with something and finishing when my trained jewelers self becomes obsessed. I find ordinary objects of interest and create works that I label jewelry; I blanket them with leather or rubber because i am aesthetically aroused by their appearance. My works are not about anything and so my intent is to allow myself to create whatever i desire.


Photos that include a model are accompanied with clothes created by justin lees.

skull pendentdevil goat